$1,000 Mario Kart Competition Rules Announced

So this Friday we decided to host a Mario Kart night, but not just any Mario Kart night… the most rage inducing high stakes Mario Kart competition night you’ve ever experienced with $1,000 and a MASSIVE trophy up for grabs expect some intense races, so here’s the deets, get practicing!

Mario Kart 8
Rainbow Road 64 Course.
Items on.
Controllers are BRAND NEW Wii U Pro Controllers.
Sign up is 7pm -9pm at the Wii U’s (late sign ups might be allowed depending on how many enter and if the first heat is still underway)
Begins at 9pm.
Final 4 will battle over every Rainbow Road course, highest total points wins $1,000 cash and takes home the Rainbow Fury Road Trophy!
Hissy Fitters will be ignored. Don’t like any of the rules then you can go make your own Mario Kart comp.
Expect things to get intense…