Three Secrets To Singles Night!

As Geeks/Gamers/Nerds or whatever you want to classify yourself as, we often find ourselves having less opportunity to meet many new people IRL compared to others.
Which is one reason why Beta Bar is great! A central location, open weekly, that you know will be filled to the brim with YOUR kind.
On top of that, the Singles Nights we hold every few months have proven time and again to be a huge success with our geeky crowd for that exact reason!
While you will never have trouble finding ‘your kind’ at any given Beta Bar event, on nights like the Singles night events, you can tell by a simple wrist band if a person is open to someone they don’t know walking up to them to spark up a conversation.
Yeah, that’s still a pretty alien move for most of us, so here’s a few tips to helping you strike up a conversation!

TIP 1: You’re at Beta Bar, Just Have A Good Time!

While it is a singles night, that shouldn’t be your main focus, have fun, play games, be positive. People will want to know what all the fuss is about and will be drawn in by the fun, if you’re not there to laugh and have a good time, you will probably stick out like a sore thumb.

TIP 2: Yeah You’re At A Bar, But Don’t Get Hammered!

Sure, it may make you more open to starting a discussion if you’ve wet your whistle but everyone’s there because they already like the same kind of things, you won’t be able to have a proper conversation with someone and connect on a real level if you fall asleep mid conversation (or throw up on their boots!)

TIP 3: Be Inviting, Not Restricting!

Does someone look like they’re confused by Gang Beasts? Offer them a quick tutorial! but remember we pretty much all have crazy anxiety problems, if someone isn’t picking up what you’re putting down, then just move along and keep having fun! They will probably come up and approach you afterwards since you made the effort, but never pressured them to play!
Just remember we’re all mostly a hot mess of anxiety and social problems, if someone’s not interested in talking, it’s all good!

Really, when it comes down to it, you’re in the RIGHT place so you can afford to take your time, have fun with the night, always be yourself and don’t worry if you don’t meet anyone new on the night! There’s always next week and breaking the ice that one time on a singles night may mean a proper conversation with a whole bunch of people next time!

This Friday is our Gotham City Singles Night, come dressed at your favorite DC character for cheaper entry and remember we’re hosting a raffle for all the singles that come where we’re giving away a 3DS XL and PSVita console with the condition that you must give one of them to someone you met for the first that on the night!